Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The New Wall

I know it has been a few days since out last post, but time has just not been our friend lately. We haven't even had a chance to celebrate Jamie's Birthday with he and Randy yet. :( Jimmy did begin another wall in the lower garden on Saturday due to the need to stop the run off water from continuing to erode the garden. It looks pretty good so far(was there any doubt with him doing it.) He is again using left over lumber from one of their jobs. I have posted some of the before and during pictures below, during because it actually isn't finished yet, we need more lumber

The pictures below are pictures Jimmy has taken over the past week. As you can see the Canna's are in full bloom and many more beautiful blooms are waiting to bust out.

Loved these hydrangea. The colors are so awesome this year. The lavender is just so deep and there is a pink one that is so pink it almost looks lavender. I don't think I uploaded that picture yet.

Below is a picture of the mimosa tree in our back yard. I know hate is a strong word, but I literally hate this tree. It is by far the messiest one tree I have ever seen in my life. We have decided to take it out this fall. I do admit that it is attractive when it is in bloom, but man does it make a mess.

Well, bye for now and happy gardening.


  1. Oooh... you will be so disappointed in me... I LOVE mimosa trees! We had one in our yard when I was a kid. It was a butterfly magnet, and mesmerizing to look at. But- my dad hated that tree too, so it is long gone now. Plus, I recently learned they are considered an invasive species.
    The wall-building project looks great! I can't wait to see the end result. I haven't gotten anything done in the garden in about a week. Too darn much rain!

  2. I was wondering what you guys had been up to, lately! I can't wait to see the garden. :-)--Randy

  3. Maggie, that is too funny. I remember growing up we had them in our yard as well and my Daddy hated them as well. The main reason i sidlike them is due to the mess they make. They spread if you do not watch them. I Hate them, no loathe them. The wall btw is turning into not only a wall but a trelis for a plant that Randy and Jamie gave us.

  4. well Randy and Jamie the Honey suckle has a home and I hope it loves it . I built a trellis /handrail for it to grow on today.The wall I built is down by the Agave and we all know that they can be sharp if ya get to close so made a handrail to prevent somone from falling into them .You guys would have been proud of wade today he was working well in the yard he even asked what he was supposed to do to plant something .I am slowly turning him from a lover of concrete to a lover of gardens .

  5. Hey guys, I just gave you a much coveted (cough, cough) blog award which you can collect over at my blog if you are into those things. :D

  6. You guys are simply great! You guys rock when it comes to recycling. Maggie did the right thing but awarding you with the Lovely Blog award.
    Lovely blooms and that lantern - does that illuminate your garden in the evenings? I'd love to see the perspective view of that lantern with the background.