Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One More Step Along The Way...

Is it only Wednesday? :(... It seems like it should be next Monday already. Things at work have been "crazier than a run over dog." (hope that doesn't offend anyone, but if you have ever seen a run over dog you know what I am talking about) At any rate, we are proud to be able to share with you the completion of our latest edition of the lower garden. We (Jimmy mostly) finished the trellis/retaining wall in the lower garden. We thought we would share those pictures with you today. As usual, Jimmy in his own resourceful way found a way to build this with nominal cost to us and using wood that they had left over from construction jobs. I hope that you enjoy and maybe get some ideas for yourself.

The picture below is a picture of the trellis from the corner garden and the stairs that lead down to the trellis. This new work is the proud home of a honeysuckle vine given to us by Randy and Jamie of http://jandrgardenblog.blogspot.com/ . We also did some late planting of several varieties of glad bulbs that I hope will come up and be as nice looking as the pictures on the packages.

And finally below is the finished project. I can't believe the difference it has made in this area of yard. I actually don't mind fighting the mosquito's to venture into this area of the yard. We had one friend that was taken away by the mosquito's, fortunately he was returned safely.

Finally, thanks to Maggie of http://mamawhatthe.blogspot.com/ for her award to Jimmy and I for the recycling of many of the items in our garden. People really can't believe it when we tell them that we have less than $1,000.00 involved in the landscaping. I don't have the eye for re-purposing that Jimmy does, but it amazes me how he can take someone else's throw away items and turn them into something so wonderful. We hope you all enjoy this post and are inspired in some small way. Good night and happy gardening.


  1. I love that new area of the garden. That trellis is so pretty it seems almost a shame to cover it with a vine. I also really love the pedestal that pot is sitting on. Well done!--Randy

  2. Your trellis looks great. Jimmy, you did a good job. My garden is lacking in architecture I'm sorry to say. You will have a fabulous place when you're done.

  3. Love the trellis, Wade and Jimmy. I see the canvas is really coming alive - of course, they'd be as they seem to be in great artists' hands.