Monday, May 25, 2009

Do we need to start building an Ark?

Sunday started off like a lot of days lately, with rainy skies. It is as if the good Lord has decided to give us the rain that we had been missing over the past several years.

As I said earlier, our good friends Ronnie and Lee from south Alabama came up for the weekend. They had ordered several statues from the concrete man Randy and Jamie introduced us to in Clanton, Alabama. He really has great prices on everything he has. In the pictures in today's blog you will see the lady in the first photo and the large fountain in the second we purchased from him dirt cheap. His motto is "its only concrete."

This is one of the new additions to the garden at the back of the yard. She is a welcome addition to the garden family. Not sure if she will stay here or move more to the center of the bed to be surrounded by the beautiful blooming lilies and glads. Any suggestions?
Here is the most exciting addition to the garden since we finished the second retaining wall. In this photo you see the bowl and top of the fountain. Notice that the pump housing has not been finished yet. He didn't have one to match the finish on this fountain so he gave us the pump housing at not cost.

Here I tried to get the whole fountain up close. Not too pleased with this picture. You can see the water cascading from the lady at the well to the bottom bowl. (Can't tell we love this fountain can you) We didn't even wait until we got the pump housing stained.

Here you can see the fountain in its current position. We did have a reason for setting it up, we wanted to see where we wanted it. It has replaced a seldom used bird bath.

"Jimmy's Plant Hospital and Adoption Center."
Most of these plants were rescued from others cleaning out their beds, found while trekking through the woods on his work sites, and even friends giving them to him after they had almost let them die. The fern that that you see in the upper left was pronounced DOA by Dr. Wade when it arrived. With Dr. Jimmy's patients and persistence it is beginning to come back to life. Randy and Jamie of gave him the cork screw willows that you see planted, and growing i might add, in the red solo cups in the back.


Included this picture, not because it was that impressive of a picture, but because of the way it turned out. We noticed how it looked as if we had photo shopped the rose into to picture. Just thought it was neat.

I think this one is called the "Blue Eyes"

Love this one: "Wild Horses"

Well in closing let me say thanks again for all of the comments and the visits. We are still trying to figure this whole blog thing out, so please be patient.
Also, I almost forgot, if you want an agave, please let us know. We have 12 babies now and need to get rid of them. If you want one let us know and we will send one to you absolutely free (is this the part where I say, "call now, in the next ten minutes, cause we can't do this all day"?). Just don't want to have to throw them away.
Happy gardening until next time, Wade and Jimmy


  1. Hi Wade and Jimmy, Hope you all are staying fairly dry. I know it seems like a lot of rain, but rain is always good in my mind. It's nice to see the sun every now and then too.

    I saw your martin house. Chickadees are good neighbors. I don't think you'll ever get martins. They need wide open spaces, I'm talking like an acre or so at least. It is not looking like you have that kind of open space with all the trees around. I can't have them here either, even though there is a nearby pond and field. It's okay. Give me trees any day!

    I love those stairs you all built from the recycled concrete. So innovative! The close up picture is really good. I do hope your visit with your friends went great and that concrete sounds awesome! I do like the fountains for sure. They sure cool down the garden and add so much ambiance.

  2. Tina, thanks so much for stopping by. We were wondering about the Martins and whether they would live here amongst the trees and growth. I am not sure but we may have chickadees in there. The house is full of birds, just not Martins. We are now in the planning stages for our next wall, all we have to do now is find someone that is needing to get rid of some concrete.

  3. Hi guys, I love Jimmy's plant hospital and adoption center! That's what my front porch looks like right now. Although in my case it's mainly the rain had prevented me from planting. Luckily, we've had a few dry days now (except for a little bit today). That "Blue Eyes" lily is great. I'd love to find them here.

  4. Hi Jimmy and Wade,
    I love that water fountain. Nothing like hearing the sound of running water.
    Plant doctor--that is great. It's not hard to nurture a sick plant back to it's glory. Patience & love.
    I know about the rain. I have plants that need to be put into something but so much rain it has to wait.Thundering & rain as I type.

  5. Hey! Ya'll didn't tell us you got some new garden art! We are starting back home tomorrow, but I don't know if we will get side tracked or not...

  6. Plants that come from other local gardeners are always the best. You know they will thrive in your garden if they come from a neighbor.

    Wish I had a good source of 'only concrete' here. The prices are high and the selections are low.

  7. Marnie, all of the concrete you see in the pictures here is fecycled. Most of it came from a lady who was needing to re-structure her back yard. It is from a pool, sidewalk and patio. The concrete surrounding the pond is from sack concrete that a contractor had let get wet and was not of use to him anylonger. Jimmy is always on the hunt for a bargain or something free. LOL

  8. Hi Wade and Jimmy, thank you for stopping at my blog and leaving a nice comment;-) I do like your statue and fountain...I have 2 fountains on my deck, but haven't shown them in a blog, because they paint is peeling off the concrete and they don't look too nice right now;-( BUT, the sound of the water trickling is wonderful, just the same!

  9. As you know, I'm a great fan of statuary. :)

    Your garden is looking great and I'm excited about seeing it progress!