Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It has been too long!!!

Our Cocker, Sidney

Our shietzu, Baby

The newest edition to our Family, our Doxie, Tyler
Ty was a rescue. Her human died and her children were unable to care for her.
We have enjoyed her company very much

All three of our babies are girls and somehow two of them would end up with boys names. Go figure.

Well we have not posted anything in our blog for almost an entire yr now. Just couldn't bring myself to move Grandaddy. But we must go on.

Jimmy has been hard at work in the yard, but the heat and dry summer are not cooperating with him. I know he is frustrated by this but he continues to plug away making our backyard an oasis for us to retire to in the evening. He is one of the hardest workers I know.

I am posting a few pictures that I think are new since the last post. Hope you enjoy them.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One of the saddest days of my life...
Friday, August 21, 2009
This past Friday, we lost Granddaddy, he was 86. He and Grandmama had been married for 67 years. On Thanksgiving day 1998, he suffered a debilitating stroke that made life for him very difficult. He lost his ability to speak and walk, but he was still the same great man the following ten, almost eleven years. He never complained, never seemed to feel pity for himself, but continued as he had the previous 57 years of his and Grandmama's marriage to want the best for his lovely bride.
He and Grandmama had three children, Sue Ann, Jerry and Gerald. We lost Sue Ann in 1995 to bone cancer and sometimes I wonder if he ever really got over Sue Ann's death. Jerry is my Daddy. Granddaddy was so much more to my brother, Raymund, and I, he was truly a second Daddy. We grew up across the road from them and were at their house more than we were at our own sometimes. Raymund still works in the family business in south Alabama that was started by our great-great-granfather in about 1903. It is a water well drilling company that has only changed names through the years, it is now called Edgar and Jerry Hughes Well Drilling. Given Granddaddy's impact on the water well business in that region, I wouldn't foresee a change in name. I even spent my time working in the business, although I never had the knack for it Raymund did and does. Raymund seemed to take his death harder than most of the grandchildren. I am sure that is because granddaddy took him under his wing at an early age and began teaching him the formations of the earth and which types of rock and sand would give up the most water.
He was such a jovial man. Loved to listen to your jokes and would laugh at the ones that were funny and even those that weren't so funny. The picture at the end of this post is the one that we chose to remember Granddaddy by, he was always laughing, seemed to be in good spirits and wanted those around him to be happy as well.
So long for now Granddaddy. I love you and will miss you terribly.

You always enjoyed life and wanted those around you to enjoy it with you.
We did...
To visit the Memorial site for Granddaddy please visit
type hughes into the search engine, scroll down to his memorial and watch the tribute to him.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Been Awhile Since We Chatted....

I realize it's been awhile since we had time to sit down and catch up on everything, so here goes..
We have both been extremely busy around here, me and work and Jimmy at work, in the yard, and at work. I have been out of town on some meetings and actually took my daughter to The Grand Hotel in Point Clear for four days. My it was nice, we both hated to leave.
As I mentioned earlier, Jimmy has been busy in the yard. First of all every stitch of grass in the back yard died, you heard me, it died. We think it may have died from the heat and maybe we didn't quite get it enough water, but at any rate it died. Thankfully, Randy and Jamie, were putting in another bed and we were able to get the grass they were getting rid of. It is St. Augustine so it is more drought and heat tolerant. We have noticed Bermuda Grass coming up and that was what was in the first spreading of seeds we lay down in the spring.
Aside from that development not much has changed. The most exciting thing that has happened is Jimmy did build a trellis and fence at the top of garden. Here are some of the pictures that he took of it shortly after he finished.

This one is looking back up at the back of the house, just ignore the messy porch.

Don't you just love the little fence he built.

This one is looking down on the fountain with the neighbors swing set in the background.

And yet another view of the new addition.

I want to thank everyone for checking in and looking at this blog, we will try to keep it updated better in the future. Keep checking back and happy gardening.
Wade and Jimmy

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One More Step Along The Way...

Is it only Wednesday? :(... It seems like it should be next Monday already. Things at work have been "crazier than a run over dog." (hope that doesn't offend anyone, but if you have ever seen a run over dog you know what I am talking about) At any rate, we are proud to be able to share with you the completion of our latest edition of the lower garden. We (Jimmy mostly) finished the trellis/retaining wall in the lower garden. We thought we would share those pictures with you today. As usual, Jimmy in his own resourceful way found a way to build this with nominal cost to us and using wood that they had left over from construction jobs. I hope that you enjoy and maybe get some ideas for yourself.

The picture below is a picture of the trellis from the corner garden and the stairs that lead down to the trellis. This new work is the proud home of a honeysuckle vine given to us by Randy and Jamie of . We also did some late planting of several varieties of glad bulbs that I hope will come up and be as nice looking as the pictures on the packages.

And finally below is the finished project. I can't believe the difference it has made in this area of yard. I actually don't mind fighting the mosquito's to venture into this area of the yard. We had one friend that was taken away by the mosquito's, fortunately he was returned safely.

Finally, thanks to Maggie of for her award to Jimmy and I for the recycling of many of the items in our garden. People really can't believe it when we tell them that we have less than $1,000.00 involved in the landscaping. I don't have the eye for re-purposing that Jimmy does, but it amazes me how he can take someone else's throw away items and turn them into something so wonderful. We hope you all enjoy this post and are inspired in some small way. Good night and happy gardening.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The New Wall

I know it has been a few days since out last post, but time has just not been our friend lately. We haven't even had a chance to celebrate Jamie's Birthday with he and Randy yet. :( Jimmy did begin another wall in the lower garden on Saturday due to the need to stop the run off water from continuing to erode the garden. It looks pretty good so far(was there any doubt with him doing it.) He is again using left over lumber from one of their jobs. I have posted some of the before and during pictures below, during because it actually isn't finished yet, we need more lumber

The pictures below are pictures Jimmy has taken over the past week. As you can see the Canna's are in full bloom and many more beautiful blooms are waiting to bust out.

Loved these hydrangea. The colors are so awesome this year. The lavender is just so deep and there is a pink one that is so pink it almost looks lavender. I don't think I uploaded that picture yet.

Below is a picture of the mimosa tree in our back yard. I know hate is a strong word, but I literally hate this tree. It is by far the messiest one tree I have ever seen in my life. We have decided to take it out this fall. I do admit that it is attractive when it is in bloom, but man does it make a mess.

Well, bye for now and happy gardening.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Do we need to start building an Ark?

Sunday started off like a lot of days lately, with rainy skies. It is as if the good Lord has decided to give us the rain that we had been missing over the past several years.

As I said earlier, our good friends Ronnie and Lee from south Alabama came up for the weekend. They had ordered several statues from the concrete man Randy and Jamie introduced us to in Clanton, Alabama. He really has great prices on everything he has. In the pictures in today's blog you will see the lady in the first photo and the large fountain in the second we purchased from him dirt cheap. His motto is "its only concrete."

This is one of the new additions to the garden at the back of the yard. She is a welcome addition to the garden family. Not sure if she will stay here or move more to the center of the bed to be surrounded by the beautiful blooming lilies and glads. Any suggestions?
Here is the most exciting addition to the garden since we finished the second retaining wall. In this photo you see the bowl and top of the fountain. Notice that the pump housing has not been finished yet. He didn't have one to match the finish on this fountain so he gave us the pump housing at not cost.

Here I tried to get the whole fountain up close. Not too pleased with this picture. You can see the water cascading from the lady at the well to the bottom bowl. (Can't tell we love this fountain can you) We didn't even wait until we got the pump housing stained.

Here you can see the fountain in its current position. We did have a reason for setting it up, we wanted to see where we wanted it. It has replaced a seldom used bird bath.

"Jimmy's Plant Hospital and Adoption Center."
Most of these plants were rescued from others cleaning out their beds, found while trekking through the woods on his work sites, and even friends giving them to him after they had almost let them die. The fern that that you see in the upper left was pronounced DOA by Dr. Wade when it arrived. With Dr. Jimmy's patients and persistence it is beginning to come back to life. Randy and Jamie of gave him the cork screw willows that you see planted, and growing i might add, in the red solo cups in the back.


Included this picture, not because it was that impressive of a picture, but because of the way it turned out. We noticed how it looked as if we had photo shopped the rose into to picture. Just thought it was neat.

I think this one is called the "Blue Eyes"

Love this one: "Wild Horses"

Well in closing let me say thanks again for all of the comments and the visits. We are still trying to figure this whole blog thing out, so please be patient.
Also, I almost forgot, if you want an agave, please let us know. We have 12 babies now and need to get rid of them. If you want one let us know and we will send one to you absolutely free (is this the part where I say, "call now, in the next ten minutes, cause we can't do this all day"?). Just don't want to have to throw them away.
Happy gardening until next time, Wade and Jimmy

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yet another rainy day weekend

We are here at home this weekend with the rain pouring down outside. We are blessed to have our friends Ronnie and Lee here to spend the weekend with us. During a break in the showers this morning we walked through the garden and were able to take a few pictures to share with you. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful Saturday.

Even the squirrels were looking for cover from the rain. This little fellow was resting in one of the trees in the backyard.

This is my, Wade, curly airplane plant. It has really come on from the little baby it was at the beginning of the spring

Here is one of the baby agave we have. We have twelve of these babies in various sizes. If you need/want one let us know. We will be glad to send you one as long as we have them to send.

Don't know the name of this little beauty, but, here it is in all its glory.

Here is a picture of one of the asiatic lily's. They are blooming throughout the yard.

We finally are seeing the canas begin to bloom. Love the large blooms they produce

In looking back over the previous posts I realized that we had not shown a close up of the stairs Jimmy built on the north side of the yard from the recycled concrete.

Here is another on Jimmy's recycle projects. A neighbor was throwing this strawberry pot away because if the break and it also has a crack. He asked if he could have it, pieced it together and glued it. You see the result, we use it as a succulent dish.