Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lightning Bugs Galore

We haven't had much time this week to spend in the yard working or to just sit down and enjoy it for that matter. So for your entertainment, LOL, we are posting some of the pictures we took on Sunday after the rain had left the area. Their are a few I have included that Jimmy took today.

This is a photo of the chipmunks home. Before we bought the house this tree had apparently fallen and they did not remove the stump and left it laying on its side. We though it had a certain natural appeal to it and left it in place. We have English Ivy growing on it now and covering most it for the most part.

This is our Princess, Baby, she has decided that her place in the yard is atop the stump. I noticed Sunday that she was missing from the patio area. I looked down the hill and there she was, perched atop the stump.

Here is a picture from the lower garden looking back toward the house. You can see that the lilies are blooming and there are more coming. The Glads are starting to bloom as well.

The matins did not come to the garden this year. It is the first year we have had a place for them so we are hopeful that next year they will choose us. For the time being we do have a full house.

The Lantana is beginning to bloom and show its beautiful blooms.

These two pictures are of the hydrangea we have in the garden that are beginning to show their true colors.

In closing tonight I wanted to tell you about the Lighting Bugs we had tonight.

There were hundreds of lightning bugs. If they had all decided to light up at once it would have probably made the street lights go out. LOL. It was neat to see.

well bye for now and happy gardening.

Wade and Jimmy


  1. Those are some killer picks!I really like the first one of Baby!--Randy

  2. Randy, Baby says than you. She will autograph one for you and we will get it to you this weekend. Ha, ha.

  3. Great photos, Jimmy & Wade! Your place would be a great haven for wildlife in no time! That buttlerfly-attrator - that's so beautiful! Do you already have them visiting that yellow magnet?

  4. not yet, but we are waiting for their arrival

  5. I would have loved to see those lighting bugs !
    I remember as a kid how amazing they were : )
    I am curious about your hydrangea in this post .. can you tell me the name of it ? .. I love the flower structure and the colour changes .. I have a few myself .. Little Lamb, Pinky Winky (that name cracks me up !) Quick Fire and a Cityline one. You could say I like hydrangea ? LOL

  6. Joy, We love to sit on the patio at night and watch them light up. The sound of the crickets, frogs and the water trickling in the pond and fountain are so relaxing. I am sorry that I didnt answer this right away, but I wanted to see if Jimmy knew the what type of Hydrangea this was. Unfortunately he didn't know either. If we find out we will let you know. Come back soon.