Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Saturday Everybody, another day to work in the yard for Wade and I. As you can see in this picture Wade was walking around shooting pictures while I was trying to contend with the chipmunk! problem we have. I really don't mind them living under the fallen tree in my bed but they are tunneling under my flowers and causing our girls, Baby and Sydney, to go crazy trying to catch them as they pop their head up. As a result of the chipmunks tunnels our girls trashed one of my day lillies today which threw my blood pressure into high gear.

Wade and I were talking this morning about how funny it was to have a Saint Francis statue in the yard, The patron Saint of animals, and having to contend with the squirrels and chipmunks. I guess they feel at home in our backyard because we love animals as long as they don't destroy what we are trying to build here, Oh and definitely the ones who slither on their bellies. That thought just sends shivers up my spine, because we have a tract of woods behind our property that seems to be home to all sorts of creatures, including yes you guessed it snakes .Since we first moved here in August of 2008 I have dealt with 7 so far, none all to big but a snake is a snake to me. Some people say leave them alone but my ability to imagine them slithering through my yard is something I cannot bring myself to contend with ....

In this photo is an ongoing progress of me (Jimmy) trying to improve the front of our house .The three pots of plants you see on the sidewalk are a few of my Clearance finds as I strolled through Lowe's this morning. I am all about finding deals on plants so that we will be able to have more for less these days, as I know many people out their realize everything is rising except the money we receive for the work we do. I am all about reusing things also recycling instead of having to buy new everytime and filling the landfills with more debris, my way of doing my part to save the planet I guess.

Milk and Wine Crinums Oh how I just love to see those bell shaped blooms open up and reach for the sky. We have about 12 of these in our yard that I (jimmy) dug from our neighbor from the past yard, they were going to mow them over with the grass and told me to dig them or they will be gone. As you may have guessed I took my trusty shovel and the rest was history so to speak .

This picture is of the bench garden made from recycled concrete, the cracks in between the larger sections of concrete pieces were excellent for planting succulents, the plants in the foreground are Agave and will get too large for the bed but for the time being they look good to me if for nothing but filler, as some have told me I change my mind like the wind.

This is another section of the same bench. I know it may look a bit thrown together from the top, but the overall look of this bed is good I think .

These ( I was told to be Hen and Chicks ) beauties are delicate looking and if a dog tramples them they will lose leaves although they will throw new plants from the fallen petals which in my book is a very good thing indeed.Sun loving as these plants may be I think they enjoy the bit of shade that hits them in the hottest part of the day here. I have to admit something to everyone who reads this blog, I have a problem not watering something when it looks too dry, yes it is a funny thing. Reason enough for me to have to put all the plants that don't like much water as far away from the hose as possible, although I have gotten better at dealing with that thankfully and Wade has laughed at me so many times saying just wait and see how they fare after you drown them. Well it is time to go mow the grass and plant a few things, there will be more to come as we progress. Enjoy the weather and we will be writing new entries and reading all your blogs, because all you have had some very good ideas and very beautiful pictures to share .


  1. I like how your garden is coming alive! This is just so perfect - to begin your garden from scratch - of course, backbreaking, wallet-draining, and time consuming, but when you see your babies grow, bloom and fruit, it all seems worth it! Ugh! The Chipmunks! We have squirrels here to torture our plants - especially the hibiscuses - these rascals love munching on the buds! I know they get really nasty if not disciplined :D. [Am I Evil!]
    Love the planters, but can't quite make out what are in them.
    I like the idea of bench garden and especially plants growing through cracks and crevices! Wow! That'd look soo awesome! Good luck Jimmy and Wade!

  2. Chandramouli, Thanks for stopping by. Believe it or not the cost for the work done so far is not that much. With Jimmy's ability to see how to re-purpose things we have only spent about $700.00. A large number of the plants were purchased as rescue plants or sale items. A lot of them were even given to us. It can be done on a budget if you know how. The sad thing is I don't know how. LOL, Glad Jimmy does.