Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First Edition

Jimmy and I are not the most prolific writers in the world so do not expect too much in the way of daily updates. I hope that we can update a couple of times a week. We are also new to this blogging idea so be patient.
I have been wanting to start this for awhile now to show off the hard work that Jimmy has put into our backyard. We purchased this home in August, 2008. When we saw the house we fell in love with everything about it from the neighborhood to the yard. The front yard is quite small, however the backyard is very spacious. The back originally was a hill that went almost straight down. When looking at the property we could see the amazing potential that this home could offer.

In this picture you will notice the slope to the left of the pond. This was my least favorite area of the yard. Each time it rained we had rushing rapids going to the bottom of the yard. Now thanks to hard work and dedication we have been able to stop the water from carrying the yard into the alley behind us.

You can see the one of the two benches that were built using the concrete given to us when one of Jimmy's friends grandmother had to remove her pool, patio and walkways.

In this photo you see Jimmy taking a break after some hard work. This photo shows the two sets of stairs he built from railroad ties coming from the patio. Where I am standing taking this photo is about nine feet below the patio (if not more). The work in the yard was slow at first because of the slope. We fell down more than once.

This shot is of the rear of the house. We had been working on getting grass to grow, this is why
you see the straw spread on the hillside. The stone work you see was
placed by Jimmy. The interesting thing about the stone is that it actually is not stone.
Jimmy had a friend whose grandmother was removing a pool, patio and walkway.
They needed to get rid of the concrete and a large amount of dirt. We told them we would take it and the rest is history.
This is a shot of our fish pond that was constructed from a garden tub that
was salvaged from a home that was being torn down.
An interesting note about the stones that you see surrounding the pond is actually
concrete that had been allowed to get wet by a contractor. Jimmy in his
all seeing eye saw the possibility of making something from someone else error.
Second Stair case leading to the lower garden
Jimmy constructed the two center staircases from railroad ties purchased at a
local lumber yard.
The swing set you see in the photo is not ours, it belongs to the neighbors. Jimmy has begun
working on hiding the yards to the left and right of us for privacy and the atmosphere of
out garden.

This is the beginning of the entrance to our garden leaving the back patio.
In closing this first blog entry, I want to say thanks to our GREAT FRIENDS Randy and Jamie for being a constant encouragement during this process. They have offered many outstanding suggestions and many of the plants that you will see in future posts. The yard is much prettier now that things are blooming and the beds are beginning to establish themselves. We are in the market now for a camera that will take quality photos for all to enjoy. All of the above photos were taken with my phone. We have photos of the yard from before we started on a computer that we seldom use any longer and we will share those eventually.
We almost immediately began terracing the yard. I will upload the photos of the yard before we began working later.


  1. Wow! We're impressed!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe you two are blogging about your garden. Keep it up!

  2. Well, it looks like all our gardening talk rubbed off on you! Everything looks great! You are smart to terrace your property. If I had it to do over again, we would have done the same thing. The rocks look impressive. We can't wait to follow your progress. Keep up the good work! I will put your link on my blog.

  3. Philip, Thanks for the kind words. We can only hope to have as beautiful a landskape as we have seen on your blog. Jimmy is working again so he doesnt get to spend quite as much time out there as he did. It has mainly become weekend projects. We hope to get up your way soon and see your gardens in person.

  4. Looks like you've done a lot of work! Good job and keep on gardening!

  5. You have a great space, Jimmy and Wade! I should thank Randy and Jamie for introducing me to your blog as I can already see many wonderful posts in future and stunning work! I love your house - no wonder you fell in love with it. You can go wild with this space! I'm sure Jamie and Randy's suggestions would make your space better! Good luck and welcome to the blogosphere. It's a great place to meet wonderful people and more importantly a great place for inquisitive gardeners!

  6. I popped on over from Jamie & Randy's blog to say hello. Your yard is really taking shape with all the creative hardscaping you've done. Repurposing objects for the garden is one of my favorite things to do. :)

  7. Also came by way of Jamie and Randy's blog. Don't you just love seeing things progress over time. Very satisfying. Will look to see more progress over time! Best of luck..........