Friday, May 15, 2009

Well since starting this blog we have already been encouraged and motivated by many of you. We have no new photos as I write this, however, I feel this will soon change. The Lillies are blooming and even some of glads are beginning to bloom. (I don't know why but glads are one of my favorites. Wish the blooms would last year round) We missed getting a photo of the Dragon Lilly last week. It was awesome. (use your imagination) It was a deep, deep burgundy with an almost black spire coming from the middle. We had purchased it from Petals from the Past on an excursion with Randy and Jamie. I am personally excited that my Donkey Ear is having babies. We love the succulents as well. Our Mother of Thousands didn't fair to well over the winter. She was apparently very temperamental when we brought her in. I did manage to save a few of the babies and they are beginning to get a little growth to them now.

If the rain holds off this weekend we are going to be taking some pictures and posting those for all to see.

By the way, if you have a suggestion on how to keep the squirrels and chipmunks from terrorizing the beds and devouring the bulbs of a plant, PLEASE, PLEASE give us some advice.

Until later,
Wade and Jimmy


  1. You reminded me to go look at Petals from the Past again. They're a great source. I've ordered from them before and then (unbelievably) forgot about them.

    The way I deal with plant-eating rodents is to use 1-3 gallon plastic pots and mulch the ground surface with sharp-edged gravel. I buy the plastic pots on ebay. If you have a plant such as a Baptisia you can cut out the bottom so the roots can go deep; voles don't dig more than 6" so they can't get to the roots then. I don't have squirrels but I do have voles. If the squirrels chew through the plastic, wire cages would work. They're just more of a pain (literally) to work with.

  2. I'll look forward to seeing all your succulents. My lilies are just getting ready to pop, and it's a dramatic moment. I have heard if you plant glads every 2 weeks through the summer, you can keep them going, I've never been energetic enough to try it. By the way, have you checked out Old House Gardens or McClure and Zimmerman for unusual glads? Brent and Becky's also has quite a selection. (Not a paid advertisement; I'm just a bulb freak!)