Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Camera
(Front entrance to our home)

Jimmy and I woke up this dreary Sunday morning hoping to be able to get some things accomplished in the yard. Guess what. What you asked, we didn't. It rained most of the day so we went to breakfast, only it was lunch by the time we got out of the house. I had told Jimmy that we needed a new camera, so off camera shopping we went. We settled on the Fuji FinePix S1500. Like Randy we got tired of being beaten out by the camera dealers that buy their stock off Ebay. At any rate take a look at the pictures we took after the rain today and let us know what you think.

This is one of the favorites of Jimmy and I both. I think it is because you can see the droplet of water about to drip from the petal of this "glad". Did not even see this until we downloaded the photo.

Just to show you more of Jimmy's creative mind, he used this old seed spreader that the previous owners had left here when they sold us the house. We had tried to use it when we moved in to broadcast the grass seeds and found that it was just easier to do it by hand. The fern planted in this planter is a "tiger fern". We bought this from Southern Homes and Gardens in Wetumpka, Alabama.

I think we had posted a photo of our praying angel in a previous post, but I wanted to show you all how she looks to be crying. I noticed this a couple of months ago one afternoon when I arrived home after a long day. I just think this is cool.

The picture above is a bloom from the "walking iris" given to us by our friends Ronnie and Lee. It was a house/garden warming gift.

Jimmy took this picture this afternoon with the new camera as well. It is of an "Asiatic lily"

He told me that is what this was, I had not a clue what it was called.

Here is another of Jimmy's ingenious ideas. It seems that one of the going things now in gardening are the concrete or gazing balls. He frequents the thrift stores looking for ideas. He came home one day with two bowling balls that he had bought for $1.00 each. I thought he had lost his mind. Turns out I shouldn't have questioned him. I love how the bowling ball and the "purple heart" seem to have been made for each other.

We added two new additions to our front entrance last night. The "fox glove" was irresistible. Jimmy says that it is the color. He says that if I had my way I would probably paint the house Purple. I don't think so though.

This is Sidney, our Cocker Spaniel. She is standing in her favorite spot. She likes to stand on top of the wall watch for squirrel's. It is funny to watch her when she sees one. She goes flying off the wall and chases them around the yard.

And not to be forgotten is our little princess, Baby. She really doesn't have a favorite spot, just wherever she can be under foot.

I have most likely kept you far too long today, so I will sign off by saying that I hope you have a wonderful week and happy gardening.
Wade & Jimmy


  1. Everything looks FANTASTIC! Jamie and I need to get over there and check everything out. That front bed is looking realy nice!

  2. Could you have imagined me being this excited about the yard when we first bought the house. Remember I wanted to pave it in concrete.
    thanks guys

  3. Well Hello Jimmy and Wade. Welcome to blogland! Your house looks nice and what you did with the back slope is awesome. Sidney and Baby are like too cute! Your new camera took perfect pictures.

  4. Hi there! This is my first visit to your blog. I just wanted to say hello and tell you how much I've enjoyed reading about your yard/garden projects. Looks fabulous! You have renewed my drive to keep plugging away at my own garden projects.

  5. Love the seed spreader planter and bowling ball. Do you have a special area in the garden for the dogs?

  6. Monica, we do not. Sometimes we do think we need one though. As of right now they have free roam of the fenced portion of the property. Should we consider confining them to a different or certain area? We have really kept them the way they are due to the squirells and chipmunks. They tend to help keep them ran out of the gardens.

  7. Your new camera is doing a great job. I enjoy unusual things in the garden like your fern planter and bowling ball. I visit the thrift stores searching for unique stuff too.

    You have a good start on your blog, it's turning out to be a fun place to visit.

  8. Good morning,

    I'm almost certain the Dianthus you're looking for is Dianthus superbus. Here's a link to a vendor: Annie's Annuals. It is a very nice Dianthus -- so fragrant.

    I love what you've done in the garden and with your blog!

  9. Sweet bay, Thanks so much for getting back to me on this. I will be ordering as soon as they have more in stock. Wade

  10. Tina thanks for the kind words .To cute lol Baby and Sidney look cute but they are like anything or anyone else they have their times ... but we love them for being themselves. I am going to get some more new pics of the yard on day this week after work when the sun isn't glaring so bad ,it looks alot different everything is filling in now pretty good.JIMMY

  11. Maggie, Thanks for stopping by our blog it is new to us and we are so glad others appreciate what we have done in our yard .That is a great compliment ,never thought I would be able to get others to get interested in gardening again or start to garden . Is a good feeling thanks .Jimmy

  12. Marnie , thanks for the comment .I love thrift stores because you never know what you may find to either use the way it is or turn into something different .Glad you are enjoying our blog we are still learning and comments like yours give us encentive to do better .Jimmy

  13. You got some great shots with your new camera! I love the drop of water on the Glad too, how cool is that. And Jimmy you are a clever & creative gardener. I'm always on the lookout at thrift stores & garage sales for items I can repurpose into the garden. And don't get me started about curb ;)

  14. perenialgardener,thanks for the compliments .Curb shopping is a hobbie of mine also .but that is a discussion of a differnet time love to repurpose things it allows me to use my imagination and try to make things noone else may have ,the individual is more exciting than the crowd,is my motto . Jimmy

  15. I like the idea of re-using the seed spreader and of course, the cool thing about any garden according to me is the presence of props and statues! That adorns a garden perfectly. I love the Iris - looks sweet and of course your cuddly princess too.