Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Well I actually was able to get the other computer to allow me to download these pictures from onto a zip drive. I am still learning how to download so these are actually not in order.

This is one of the beginning photos of the pond you saw in the previous post.
Notice the waterfall Jimmy built. The rocks you see around the base of the pond are the concrete sacks that had gotten wet at a contractors place.

Another of the pond and waterfall

Jimmy went scavaging through the woods behind our home to find some of the rocks you see in the bottom of the pond. Most of them came from the yard though in our clean up efforts.

The pond was originally going to be placed in the Northeast corner of the yard. Jimmy decicded that it would look better in the Southeast corner. Turns out this was a better choice because there is less sunlight in the area he moved it to.

The picture above was taken shortly after the first terrace was completed. You should notice the drop off from where the top of the wall to where he was standing when he took the picture.

Picture of the lower portion of the yard before any work had been done. You do see one small section of a bed that Jimmy put in shortly after we moved in. He did this because we had so many plants that we were moving from the other place. Only took one moving van to move everything in the house, but it took two trips in the moving van and one with Randy's pickup to get most of the plants and flowers.

I don't want to bore anyone with redundant descriptions, but I am so proud of what Jimmy accomplished.

The area above is now where the pond is located. He had marked out where he wanted the base of the second retaining wall to be placed.

Sidney is our Cocker and she was a constant overseer of the project.

Now we get to the first photos taken when we moved into the house. Looking back up the hill you see the slope we were dealing with. Looks so different now and are we both glad.

Another angle in the backyard prior to any work being completed.

Another picture of the lower section of the yard prior to any work.

And another....

This one was taken a few days after we moved in. Jimmy had cleared the fence line along the back of the property and placed an old bench we had brought with us from the other place.

This section of the yard gave us fits with runoff. If you look closely in the bottom left corner of the picture you will see our little pricess, "Baby". She is our Shitzu who belonged to Jimmy's mother before she died.

This final picture gives a kind of overall view of the yard prior to our beginning any real work. In fact if I am not mistaken this one may have been before we actually moved in. Well. I hope I have not bored you all too much with these pictures and again I apologize for the order... Just look from the bottom up and read it again. LOL
Have a great day and wonderful evening...


  1. Good morning, I just stopped by Jamie and Randy's blog and they mentioned your new garden. Congratulations on a wonderful beginning. I really admire how you have used the recycled concrete. It looks great. Can't wait to see how your garden progresses.

  2. Hey -- I'm another fan of Jamie and Randy's garden. I stopped by to see your garden. You've got an amazing project underway and I look forward to following your progress.


  3. Me! Me! :D I'm a die-hard fan too - of Jame and Randy's! I love your space and you guys did awesome job so far! I hope you can somehow space out a place for a larger pond, as I see that a big pond in your garden make it a Paradise. Think of growing water lilies or lotuses! You might want to visit Catherine's blog for inspiration. I so love her garden and blog! (

  4. You've accomplished alot so far. Your garden tub aka garden pond is a brilliant idea of repurposing. :)

  5. Chandramouli, Thanks for the suggestion. The funny thing is I have been talking to Jimmy about creating another waterfall and allowing the water to run in a stream into what would eventually be a larger pond. He is skeptical at this point but I will keep working on him.

  6. Thanks to all of you who stopped by. This is encouraging. Keep watching

  7. Wow, you guys have gotten a lot of work done this spring. It looks great!

  8. Hi J&W.
    I just found your new blog!
    It is always fun to watch a new blog start, and to see what you are up to. It seems like you are up to quite a lot based on all these pictures! It also looks like you have a fresh palette to work with as I did eight years ago. It is always the best I think, a blank canvas! I also documented my gardens's development from a blank field of bermuda grass and lantana to what it is today.
    I really look forward to following your journey. It looks like you have a great plot of land!

  9. ESP, Thanks so much. I visited your blog and found it to be awesome. Hope ours is as nice as yours one day. Come by anytime